5 Reasons to Work with a Sales Agent and a Homebuilder

agent working with buyer for new home construction in salt lakeBuying a new home from a home builder is different than purchasing an existing one. You’ll want help from an agent that has experience in the process. Find out our top reasons why it pays to have an experienced agent by your side.

1. Your agent will help you select the right floor plan for your family.

The floorplans offered by Hamlet Homes are thoughtfully designed to maximize your living space and provide an open and airy atmosphere. Therefore, we have different floor plans — of different square footage — and choosing the right one for your family might seem a little daunting. Your agent will help you ask yourself the right questions so that you can choose the right home for your family size and lifestyle. Ending up with a home that is too large to maintain or one that is so small that it feels cramped doesn’t happen to our clients.

2. The sales agent will help you understand what is standard and what is extra.

The Utah homebuilders at Hamlet Homes don’t believe in nickel and diming our buyers. We think every home should have your desired features as soon as you purchase it. That’s why our standard features are other homebuilder’s upgrades. You won’t have to weigh the choice between upgraded cabinets and granite countertops. We include both! When you are looking at constructing a new home, the agent will provide a feature sheet. With their help, you know all included amenities.

3. Your agent will ensure your paperwork is correct and complete.

Even for those who’ve purchased homes in the past, new home construction is a different ball game. There are contracts and warranties to scour and doing it by yourself is too challenging for most. Fortunately, your agent will go through the documents with you, making sure you understand the transaction before closing.

4. Agents who work with homebuilders understand the intricacies of new construction.

An experienced agent who works will the homebuilder can better assist you in understanding everything that’s required for your new home construction. This includes deadlines for requested changes, money necessities, as well as completion timelines.

5. Get help managing the transaction.

Financing with your homebuilder and the sales agent is typically easier than purchasing a previously-owned home. The main reason is that we have preferred lenders and title companies with whom we work with on a daily basis. Because of these close relationships, our lenders are able to fast-track your paperwork by knowing the ownership history, area restrictions, and HOAs in advance, making your closing a smooth one. Who can say that about their mortgage financing? If you have questions regarding new home construction or if you would like to work with one of our experienced agents, contact the experts at Hamlet Homes. We can help you pick the right community for your dream home and get to working with you on the build right away.


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